Movement and control

Xentix Sport® brings body and mind in balance, resulting in better coordination of your movements and controls.

performance and focus

Every athlete uses both mind and body. Xentix Sport® works on your mental strength to improve your results.

group dynamic performance

Xentix Sport®  works on the reduction of stress and improves a positive mindset, which has a positive effect on group dynamics.

what is Xentix Sport®?


Xentix Sport® is a technology especially designed for everyone who needs to unlock his or her full potential on a daily basis to improve athletic performances.


Athletes lead a fast and challenging lifestyle that challenges them on both a physical and mental level. Xentix Sport®  can help you strengthen your body and mind, and assist you in getting the most out of your performances.


Since the human body is a holistic unity, it is important to focus on both these aspects. All aspects of your mind and body must be in harmony, in order for your body to be capable of self-regulating its natural balance. It is the self-regulating aspect that makes the Xentix Sport®  technology particularly sustainable.


The Xentix Sport®  technology focuses on 2 aspects: mental and physical enhancement. We have a variety of pre-set programs that can tap into everyone’s personal needs.

How it works

The human body is composed of cells that vibrate at a mutual frequency. Once a group of cells ceases to be “in tune” with each other, the body starts to dysfunction and partially loses its capacity for auto-recovery. The Xentix Sport® technology combines light and magnetism to restore this balance through a holistic and natural approach. By combining natural energy sources, the homeostatic energy balance and the body’s communication system become aligned. Xentix Sport® technology offers prolonged and sustainable effects to improve your energy levels.


Unlocking Full Performance

Athletes need to be at the top of their game almost every day of the year. Their mind and body are the primary tools for attaining peak performance. Xentix Sport® can help them in preventing injuries and speeding up the recovery process, but also by offering the focus and energy they need to boost their performance. Xentix Sport® facilitates these processes in a natural and sustainable way. Xentix Sport® focuses on sports clubs and individuals who have to perform at the highest level.


Xentix® boosts mental resistance, and brings your performance to a higher level.

Mental benefits


Athletes and sports teams need to perform optimally under great pressure. The Xentix Sport® program is designed to improve mental resistance, and facilitates the mental recovery in stressful situations. In this way, we enable athletes to keep performing, despite the heavy training sessions, and the high levels of pressure. For teams, a general positive state of mind is crucial for accomplishing great results. So working on the mental well-being of your team is as important as their individual physical health.


Xentix Sport® is designed to help and support athletes with ambition and a natural drive for success. But ambition and success make great demands of mental resistance. The challenges confronting athletes create imbalances. To face these challenges, athletes are in need of an energy level that allows them to cope with difficulties along the road.

Physical benefits


The Xentix Sport® programs enhance the flexibility of the body, which is an ideal way to prevent physical injuries and guarantee fast recovery when facing pain. Xentix Sport® stimulates the athlete’s body to restore its own balance. Our technology basically teaches the body to restore itself in situations of imbalance. Having the ability to restore your own natural balance improves your physical resistance and has a positive impact on your physical health. This leads to faster recovery for athletes after heavy training and to more consistent results.


Our technology is also especially effective in enhancing skeletal issues. Xentix Sport® drastically improves flexibility, which is in turn the best way to prevent physical injury, to speed up recovery, and to maximize current performance.


Our technology has already brought the mind and body of many athletes to a higher level. Our programs are perfectly suited to make you feel more energized, more active, and more alert in order to cope with the pressure of daily life.

Each program that we introduce is extensively tested to assure it achieves the results our clients are looking for. Since every program focuses on a specific issue, the testing phase is aimed at optimizing the program. Each of our 70+ programs has been tested on an extensive panel.


Xentix Sport® technology uses energy sources that are inherent to the body. It is nature taking care of nature. This means that no risks are attached to using our technology.

Light technology


The positive effect of light on the human body has been well known for many years. Light, for instance, has the ability to make us feel sleepier in the evening and more awake during the day. It is a natural energy source that is inherent to daily life. Getting enough light directly influences the way we feel in a positive way. Light also has a stimulating effect on processes that are responsible for information exchange in our body. Xentix Sport® makes use of two types of light to influence the brain in its communication between the two hemispheres, and with the rest of the body through the central nervous system.

Magnetic technology


The use of magnetic fields is a well-known practice in improving people’s lives. Each of our cells depends on energy levels in order to function. By using external magnetic energy, we are able to increase the ability of cells to vibrate at the same frequency. This way, communication between different cells is strengthened and the body’s ability to recover is improved.

Xentix Sport combines the power of light and magnetism

proven effectiveness

The basic principles that are applied by Xentix Sport® are not new to the scientific world.

However, the software that we’ve put in place is a revolutionary step in using natural forces to enhance natural processes in the human body. Our innovative technology has been developed over the course of the last 10 years by a team of scientists within numerous fields of expertise. In order to ensure that our technology continues to improve over time, Xentix Sport® has created a Medical Advisory Board that bundles the collective experience of the expert scientists together with the technology.


The technology and programs we have developed are based on 12 years of technical development and over 1000 published studies. Constant improvements and developments have led to a revolutionary technology that uses natural processes to strengthen the recovery of the body.


By ensuring that appropriate, optimized levels of energy are released, the Xentix Sport® programs are 100% safe. The level of magnetic energy is high enough for the body to feel the effect, but low enough to ensure safe functioning. The light to which your body is exposed is one third as strong as natural sunlight and contains no infrared or ultraviolet.

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