Xentix® offers a long-term solution for boosting the lives and performance of your employees.

Holistic approach

Xentix® harmonizes mind and body by restoring the work-life balance in a natural way.

Unlocking potential

Xentix® empowers you to live your life to the fullest.

About Xentix®

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Xentix® helps to lift the work performance of your employees to the next level, by empowering their mental resistance in stressful situations, and increasing their focus.


We live in a fast-moving society that challenges people on a physical and a mental level. Xentix® can help you to strengthen your body and mind, and make it possible for you to live your life to the fullest.


Since the human body is a holistic unity, it is important to focus on your mind as well as your body. Both must be in harmony in order to optimize the self-regulation of your body’s natural balance. It is this self-regulating aspect that makes the Xentix® technology highly sustainable.


Xentix® is a technology specifically designed for everyone who needs to unlock life’s full potential on a daily basis. To get more out of your life, we have a variety of pre-set programs that can tap into everyone’s personal needs.

How it works

The human body is composed of cells that vibrate at a mutual frequency. Once a group of cells ceases to be “in tune” with each other, the body starts to dysfunction and partially loses its capacity for auto-recovery. The Xentix® technology combines light and magnetism to restore this balance through a holistic and natural approach. By combining natural energy sources, the homeostatic energy balance and the body’s communication system become aligned. Xentix® technology offers prolonged and sustainable effects to improve your energy levels.


Unlocking Life’s Potential

Business environments can get the best out of people, but they can also make people underperform. The huge numbers of people facing symptoms of burnout and a decline in the work-life balance highlight the need for sustainable solutions to deal with the pressure that comes with occupying highly stressful positions. Employing underperforming staff is expensive for employers and also has a negative impact on the employee.


Using Xentix® technology on a regular basis can improve your mental resistance and facilitate mental recovery in stressful situations. This way, we enable people to keep performing, despite the short nights, the long working hours, and the high levels of stress.


Mental benefits


Xentix® improves the energy levels of your employees by boosting their emotional and mental batteries. They will feel empowered and reborn, resulting in higher productivity, an immediate improvement on their performance, a generally positive working atmosphere, and fewer days lost to sick leave due to burnout or other stress-related issues.


Xentix® is designed to help and support people with ambition and a natural drive for success. But ambition and success make high demands on mental resistance. The challenges confronting employees create imbalance. To face these challenges, employees need to reach an energy level that will allow them to cope with difficulties along the road. Xentix® boosts mental resistance, and brings your life to a higher level.

Physical benefits


More and more employees suffer pain, whether due to sitting for hours on an office chair, as the result of hard physical labor, or as the indirect effect of a mental imbalance. Xentix® programs enhance the flexibility of the body, which is an ideal way to prevent physical injury, or to help the body to recover when faced with pain.


Imbalances are caused by stress, pressure, performance anxiety, and many other causes. The ability to restore your own natural balance and improve your physical resistance has a positive impact on your physical health. Working with vigorous employees leads to less incidence of sickness and fatigue (which has a direct effect on employee absenteeism) and boosts the overall performance of the workforce.

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Our technology has already brought the mind and body of many people to a higher level. Our programs are perfectly suited to make you feel more awake, more active, and more alert to cope with the rush of daily life.


Thanks to Xentix® technology, employees say that they experience a better night’s sleep, improved energy levels, a greater sense of focus, and higher levels of efficiency. These are crucial aspects in making decisions, coping with stress, dealing with emotions, and enhancing overall work performance.



Xentix® technology uses energy sources that are inherent to the body. It is nature taking care of nature.

Light technology


The positive effect of light on the human body has been well known for many years. For instance, light has the ability to make us feel sleepier in the evening and more awake during the day. It is a natural energy source that is inherent to daily life. Getting enough light directly influences the way we feel in a positive way. Light also has a stimulating effect on the processes that are responsible for information exchange in our body. Xentix® makes use of two types of light to influence the brain in the communication between its hemispheres, and with the rest of the body through the central nervous system.

Magnetic technology


The use of magnetic fields is a well know practice in improving people’s lives. Each of our cells is only able to function by their level of energy. By using external magnetic energy, we are able to increase the ability of cells to tremble at the same pace. This way, communication between different cells is strengthened and the body’s ability to recover improves.

Xentix combines the power of light and magnetism

proven effectiveness

The basic principles that are applied by Xentix® are not new to the scientific world.

However, the software that we’ve put behind these principles represents a revolutionary step forward in the use of natural forces to enhance natural processes in the human body. Our innovative technology has been developed over the course of the last ten years by a team of scientists active within numerous fields of research. In order to keep improving our technology over time, Xentix® has created a Medical Advisory Board that bundles their collective experience together with the technology.


The technology and the programs we have developed are based on 12 years of technical development and over 1000 published studies. Constant improvements and developments have led to a revolutionary technology that uses natural processes to strengthen the recovery processes of the body. Each of our 70+ programs has been tested on an extensive panel of trialists and shown a very high rate of customer satisfaction.


Because only appropriate levels of energy are released, the Xentix® programs are 100% safe. The level of magnetic energy is high enough for the body to feel the effect, but low enough to ensure a safe functioning. The light to which your body is exposed is one third as strong as natural sunlight and contains no infrared or ultraviolet.

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